Outreach to the community has always been the focal point of our church family here at FGC. Lifelink Community Care (Pertubuhan Kebajikan Wawasan JB PPP/J130/98) is the social wing of FGCJB. There are 7 areas of community services:

Lifelink Counselling Centre

We provide counselling services for all in our community, through therapies and workshops such as sand therapy and art therapy, to resolve marital problems, parental conflicts and behavioural issues. We also provide training for those who are interested to be counsellors and had also pioneered the community project ‘Give and Take’ to collect donated items in good working condition to benefit those in need.

Find us on:

  Wednesday to Saturday
  9:00am to 5:00pm
011-1088 9804
  Lifelink Counselling Centre

FirstLight Learning Center (FLC)

Our preschool education programme at FirstLight Learning Centre inculcates a joy of learning in our children, with a holistic learning experience that is infused with Christian values. Through our curriculum, our little ones are able to explore and learn in a safe and conducive learning environment that goes beyond the four walls of the classroom!

FLC is now open for 2020 Enrolment for 3 to 6 years old Full Day and Half Day class and recruiting tertiary education qualifications teachers to join our passionate and capable team.

Speak to us to know more:

  Monday to Friday
  9:00am to 5:00pm
Kee Wen Mynn
011-1121 7220
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Glory Learning Centre (GLC)  

Glory Learning Center (GLC)

We provide a customised educational support programme for children with special needs, at 2-12 years old, while teaching them skills for them to be independent. Additionally, we also render family support and services towards these families.

Arrrange for a consultation with us:

  Monday to Friday
  9:00am to 4:30pm
  Main Line
018-761 4034
  Khor Soo Nee
012-382 5591
  Chloe Tew
011-1073 7464
Jireh Fellowship  

Jireh Fellowship

Jireh Fellowship provides help to single-parent families who are facing difficult times of loss and grief through the love of God. Monthly support group gathering are held for single parents to foster bonding within the family, so that we can in turn meet the needs of these families.

Speak to us to know more:

019-713 0982
016-790 1723
012-782 1315

JB Tongxin Fellowship

We have created a beneficial and affirming moral education programme for primary schools to run during their moral education lessons. As of August 2017, we are running Christian fellowships in 13 schools in Johor, with many students learning to grow up as individual with good moral fiber.

Drop us a line at:

  07-354 0548
to find out more
  JB Tongxin Fellowship
Evergreen Learning Academy  

Evergreen Learning Academy

Ever learning, ever living! We encourage the senior members in our community to continue to be active learners through interesting and enriching activities such as calligraphy, karaoke, and picking up a new conversational language. Who says having a full head of white hair must be boring?

Person to contact:

  Brother Kuo
019-772 9437
  Sister Ling
016-781 6847
  Brother Peng
019-758 6333
  Brother Ho
012-733 6899

Praise Exercise

Our ever-popular Praise Exercise programme was founded in 2003 by Miss Amy Wu Mei Yun - a Taiwanese artiste who wanted an exercise routine that can keep one young, energetic, strengthen the immune system and slow down the aging process. It is a simple rhythmic aerobic exercise with melodious music of various tempo – suitable for all ages. Presently Praise Exercise is conducted (for free!) in 20 spots all over Johor Bahru.

Contact anyone below for more information of the respective venues!
No. Place (Johor Area) Venue Time Person in Charge Tel.
1. Taman Johor Jaya Taman Johor Jaya Tuesday to Friday Lucy 郑淑芳 016-713 1318
2. Pelangi Leisure Mall Pelangi Leisure Mall Saturday 赖瑞英 012-707 2243
3. Pelangi Leisure Mall Pelangi Leisure Mall  Monday 施佩娟 016-717 1131
4. Pelangi Leisure Mall Pelangi Leisure Mall Wednesday 廖桂娴 019-714 8880
5. Putri Park Putri Park Thursday/ Saturday 陈碧贞 012-772 2670
6. Putri Park Adda Heights Saturday 黄培容 016-771 8001
7. Kulai IOI Mall Kulai IOI Mall Wednesday/ Thursday/ Saturday 麦丽蓉 012-520 1635
8. Kota Jaya, KT Kota Jaya, KT Monday/ Wednesday 曾淑霞 019-770 0639
9. Taman Awan, KT Taman Awan, KT Saturday 曾秀华 012-772 5162
10. Kota Besar Kota Besar Tuesday/ Thursday 黄美玉 014-919 9654
11. Bethany Church Premises, KT Bethany Church Premises, KT Friday/ Saturday 黄巧亿 010-886 0262
12. Taman Rinting Taman Rinting Monday/ Saturday  叶秀蓉 010-760 5482
13. Sierra Perdana Sierra Perdana Thursday/ Friday 陈达芳 012-795 3013
14. Kota Puteri Kota Puteri Sunday 叶秀蓉 010-760 5482
15. Taman Megah Ria Taman Megah Ria Tuesday/ Wednesday 叶秀蓉 010-760 5482
16. Tmn Permas Jaya Tmn Permas Jaya Monday/ Wednesday/ Saturday 刘湄 012-751 5619
17. Taman Perling Taman Perling Tuesday/ Saturday 吴正生 012-779 8309
18. Taman Bukit Indah Taman Bukit Indah Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday 江秋兰 012-712 5551
19. Taman Megah Ria Taman Megah Ria Tuesday/ Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday 柳丽莉 019-712 4785
20. Taman Molek Taman Molek Saturday 林宝珠 016-703 2821






  1A Jalan Anggerik 21,  Taman Johor Jaya,        
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
+607 354 0548
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